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Booker: Adding attendee information
Booker: Adding attendee information
Booker article: Learn how to add attendee information when booking multiple attendees
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If your Event Organiser requires, you will be prompted to add Attendee information during checkout when booking an event.

The information you are asked and/or required to complete will vary depending on your Event Organiser settings.

If your booking has multiple attendees, please select Add another attendee after filling in each attendee's details:

Any fields marked with an * are mandatory. It will not be possible to complete the booking without entering them:

You will see the below error message if not completed:

For events with child attendees, you may be asked to indicate this in the Attendee details section. In this case, if the settings provide, you will not need to enter additional attendees.

✨ For any booking help, please contact your Event Organiser directly, who can assist you. See here for help locating their information.

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