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Customer profile page

How to access customer details, including booking history, pass and voucher information, etc.

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The Customer profile page provides:

How to open a customer profile

There are two ways that you can access a customer profile.

  1. Select their email address within the Customer list:

  2. Or within the Bookings tab:

Alternatively, you can select their email address from within any booking.

For example:

Customer profile layout

Please note that the information available on each customer's profile will differ depending on their booking activity.

Example of some available tabs on a customer profile page:

Details tab

This tab contains information about the customer, such as their contact information and booking form responses.

Latest customer details

This section shows the latest details provided by the customer during their most recent booking. For example, their email address, name, and any other booking form fields you have set up:

Other details

Underneath the Latest customer details section is Customer consent information:

You can delete the customer under Customer account by using the Delete customer button:

Bookings tab

This tab contains information about the customer's bookings, such as any upcoming attendances, their last attendance, the latest booking and any associated passes.

For example:

Passes tab

This section contains the customer's pass information, including any expired or used passes, and you can manage their individual passes.

Groups tab

This tab includes information about any customer groups the customer is a part of.

For example:

Actions you can take:

  • Assign them to a new customer group using the Assign customer groups button

  • View the group and remove the customer from a group using the three dots next to the relevant group:

Vouchers tab

This section shows the customer's latest voucher information, such as any purchased vouchers or redeemed vouchers:

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