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Deleting a customer

This article shows you how to delete a customer completely from your Bookwhen customer database

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⚠️ Deleting a customer cannot be undone.

To delete a customer:

  1. Locate them in your Customer list

  2. Select their email address to open their profile

  3. Select the Details tab on the left, under their email address

4. In the Customer account section at the bottom, select Delete customer

5. Before the deletion, you need to enter your password. 

6. Once you select Confirm, the system will delete the customer from your database.

  • This means you cannot recover them, and where they have booked, the customer's details will have been removed, leaving the booking blank like this:

💡 Please note: This appears differently if the customer has upcoming bookings:

  • This means that you can still proceed with the deletion, which will remove all of their data under their email address, but the booking itself will still show on the attendance register.

💡 To note: If a customer is deleted, it only applies to the specific account where the deletion occurred. If there are multiple accounts or if the customer has booked on other Bookwhen accounts (not owned by you), the deletion won't affect those. To delete the customer from the entire Bookwhen database, they should contact support directly.

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