Adding a banner image can help to engage your customers and establish your brand identity on your public booking pages.

For branding tips and tricks, see our help article on customising your public page.

Each public booking page is mobile responsive, which means that the layout of the screen adjusts according to the size of the device it is being viewed from. When selecting a banner image, it is advisable to consider which device your bookers may be using to view, and how much of the image will be visible to them.

We generally recommend uploading banner images in a 16:3 ratio. The ratio determines the relationship between height and width, so an image that is 1600 pixels wide would be 300 pixels high.

A ratio would apply to different size heights and widths too, as it only indicates the height relative to the width, or vice versa. So, an image with a 16:3 ratio which is 800 pixels wide would be 150 pixels high, or an image 600 pixels wide would be 3200 high.

A 16:3 ratio banner will allow for the largest possible section of the image to be displayed, and prevent the image being skewed or distorted when enlarged to fill space.

Original (16:3)

If you upload an image with a 16:3 ratio, the section of the image which will be shown on any device is the middle portion shown below:

Always shown:

Most smaller devices, such as mobile phones (Iphone, Google Pixel etc.), can only accommodate a narrow width:

Iphone 6/7/8/X and Google Pixel 2

Whereas those viewing your page on a standard 15 inch laptop screen, will see almost the entire image:

15’’ laptop

Those with larger screens will see the full width, but lose a little height:

24'' screen

And people viewing on tablets, such as the Ipad Pro or Ipad, lose width while keeping the height of the image:

Ipad Pro


Because of the variation in how your image is displayed we recommend that your banner image does not include specific objects of focus (such as people) and instead offers a consistent image which looks good regardless of the area that is displayed.

If you must have an area of focus, this would be best placed in the centre of the image. If you are also uploading a logo, you should consider that this will appear imposed over any banner image and thus reduce the visible area of the banner further.

Our support team is happy to help to you to upload a banner image that you are happy with, so just get in touch if you need any assistance.

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