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Bookwhen API

Learn about our API, including documentation and roadmap

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An API (Application Programming Interface) allows two technologies to talk to one another. Different types of HTTP methods tell the API what you want to do with the data.

For example, you can:

  • GET: getting information that already exists

  • POST: creating something new

  • PATCH: modifying information that already exists

  • DELETE: removing information that already exists

This article covers:

Version 2.0.0

In January 2020, we launched our v2 API. The documentation is available here.

Currently, the API includes calls for event information only. However, we plan on making booking data available in the future too.

✨ You can create an API access token here on any Bookwhen account.

Restrictions within the API

Our current API only allows you to GET certain types of information.

We only allow the following:

  • List all or singular; events

  • Locations

  • Attachments

  • Tickets and

  • Passes

This means that if you use the API, you can show the above (public information on your scheduling page) on your site. (Please note that this is view only).

The API does not allow for bookings to be made, and you would need to create a button that, when selected, the customer gets directed to your Bookwhen site.

  • Additionally, the API cannot pull the above information into your own CRM of choice as it currently does not allow for reporting metrics.

How often does the API pull data from Bookwhen?

You decide how often the data is pulled. You or your development team can add additional code when using the API to specify how often the information gets pulled and/or refreshed.

Please note:

  • Deleting a schedule page from an account breaks the API. You will need to re-authenticate the API after making this change.

Difference between API and iframe

The API:

  • Is read-only and can only 'get' public data

  • Doesn’t list attendance (including customer information)

  • Only defaults listing events from 'today' into the future

The iframe:

  • A way to show your schedule on a separate website

  • Need permission from the browser to allow you to use an iframe

  • Exactly reflects your Bookwhen schedule

  • Doesn't use cookies

💡 You can learn more about the iframe feature here.

Version 1.0.0 (deprecated)

Our v1 API is now deprecated. The documentation is available here. If you require a v1 API access key for your account, please email with your account link.

💬 Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! 🕺

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