You can use the Bookwhen Vimeo integration to host your pre-recorded Vimeo videos in a way that they can only be seen by your customers after they have booked. 

You can restrict how long bookers have access to the video - just for the event duration, or forever.

This help article covers:

Setting up the Vimeo integration

To enable Vimeo, firstly head over to Settings then Integrations then select View integration, then Enable integration here:

Embedding a Vimeo video

Adjust privacy settings (if making video private)

Following these steps will ensure your Vimeo video can only be accessed by bookers only and is not accessible on Vimeo directly. You only need to do this if you don't want your video to be accessible normally on Vimeo. If not, you can go straight to the next section.

Note - the feature to make videos private uses Vimeo's domain level privacy feature, which is only available on one of their paid plans.

  • Select the video and adjust the privacy settings under 'General' and 'Privacy'.

  • In the 'Where can this be embedded?' field select Specific domains then enter '' and click + to add. Then Save your change.

Finding your Vimeo video ID

We need the Vimeo video id in order to add the video to Bookwhen. You can find the id in the Vimeo URL for your video -

The numbers after '.com/' in your URL are your video id. In the example above the id is 328676025. If you've made your video private there will be additional characters after the id number e.g. the id is only the numbers shown in bold and you should disregard anything after the second /.

When you're ready to add the video to Bookwhen copy the id number.

Adding your video to a secure event page

To add your video to an event page you first need to select it from your Schedule, and then click on Add joining information (or Event specific information if you have set a physical location) in the Edit entry menu -

Then paste the Vimeo video id into the 'Video ref.' section.

The Allow ongoing access after the event? field will determine if the video is accessible indefinitely for ticket holders, or only for the duration of the event (which you set in the 'Dates & times' section of your entry).

If you do not allow ongoing access all videos will have a 15-minute buffer after the end of your event during which the video will still be accessible.

How bookers can view the video

Your bookers can access your video from the start time of your event by following the View event details button in their confirmation email (or after viewing the booking, if they have logged in) -

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