If you have decided to use Paypal as your payment gateway to accept credit or debit card payments via Bookwhen you need to ensure that your Paypal account meets the requirements to operate. 

If you do not do this your PayPal account will show as unverified in your payment settings and you may experience issues accepting payments -

Business account

You should first ensure that your Paypal account is a 'Business' (rather than 'Personal') account. 

If your account is not a Business account just click the Settings cog (as above), then Account settings and Upgrade to a business account.

Verify your Paypal account

Paypal is legally obliged to ensure that you own the financial details that are linked to your account. To verify this they usually take a small payment, or deposit a small amount, then ask you to provide details from this transaction.

Verifying your financial details

To have a verified Paypal account you will need to add and confirm at least one bank account or credit/debit card. 

First, navigate to the 'Wallet' section of your Paypal account:

Adding a bank account

Click to add a new bank account and enter your sort code and account number before clicking agree and add.

Paypal will make a small deposit in your bank account and include a 4 digit code next to the transaction on your bank statement. Access your statement and find this code then enter it on the subsequent screen before clicking confirm -

Adding a credit/debit card

Click to add a new card then enter your card details before clicking add card.

To confirm your card, Paypal will withdraw a small amount (less than £1) and then refund it within 24 hours. Click confirm card, then confirm card again and then click get code to consent to the temporary charge. 

The charge usually appears in 3-4 days. Once it does, find the 4 digit code next to the charge on your card statement then return to your Paypal wallet, click confirm card again and follow the steps to enter the code and complete verification.

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