Below is an overview of the languages available in Bookwhen and how we support them:

*These translations have been sourced from the Bookwhen community and we can make no assurances for the quality.

Note: We only offer British English, not American English.

Currently, Bookwhen provides Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Danish and Swedish versions of the public pages, as well as English. These additional languages can be accessed by adding either /nl, /fr, /de, /hu, /es, /it /sv onto the end of your public page link. For example:

Please note that event language on these demo pages is still in the original English, but all 'system' language will change.

Or, if you scroll down to the bottom of any page on Bookwhen, you'll find a drop-down list of languages to pick from.

All of our translations are 'human'. If you're a native speaker and want to edit any of the translations, add to them, or submit a whole new language then please get in touch at support@bookwhen.

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