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Expanding a course

How to expand a course in your schedule for easier editing

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Expanding a course is helpful if you only have course tickets on your course entry and would like to edit specific dates. Using this feature means all dates/times on the course will show up on your scheduling page list for you to select and edit individually.

This is useful if you'd like to amend one date on the course for reasons such as:

  • Editing event-specific information

  • Unpublishing a single event

  • Cancelling a single event

  • Changing an event date/time or

  • Removing a single event

This article covers:

How to expand a course

To expand a course, select Filter items in the top right-hand corner of your schedule list:

Then tick the Expand courses checkbox:

This triggers the system to show all of the dates on the course entry. A great way to simplify this further (if you have a lot of entries on your schedule) is to further filter your search by selecting the course entry you'd like to edit by typing it into the Entries field:

How this appears on the scheduling page

How a grouped course appears (before):

  • Only the next available date shows on the schedule list, with the others grouped on the right-hand side.

How an expanded course appears (after):

  • Once expanded, all of the dates on the course show in your schedule list.

You can then select any date from within your course and make any necessary amendments:

๐Ÿ’ก To note:

  • Courses automatically expand if you have a drop-in ticket alongside the course ticket.

  • This is for editing purposes only. Filtering your schedule will only temporarily show on your schedule page and won't affect how your schedule appears on your public page.

    • You'll need to re-select this checkbox every time you use your schedule.

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