Before following the steps detailed on this page it's important your Bookwhen page is Worldpay compliant:

  1. Make sure you've entered your business details here. Just click on 'Edit' under the details section.

  2. Add a refund policy here (click Edit on the left-hand box). A refund policy can be really simple, but this is just on the principle of transparency.

Both these elements, along with accepted card type logos, will be shown on the footer of your public booking page.

Integrating Worldpay Online with Bookwhen

  1. Sign up to Worldpay using this link (this is important to enjoy our exclusive low fees). 

  2. Copy the TEST API keys from here to this page on Bookwhen.

  3. Make a test booking using this dummy Visa card number: ''4444 3333 2222 1111'' (with any other details)

  4. Worldpay will contact you (normally within 30 minutes) to ask a few questions and start the account activation process.

  5. Once the account is activated (normally within 24 hours, however, this can take up to 10 working days) you can then enter your LIVE API keys and start taking live payments.

Important notes

  • When selecting the integration type with Worldpay, please select 'Direct API Integration'.

  • If you want to be able to withdraw funds immediately from your Worldpay account, you must provide bank statements that are dated within the last 3 months. Worldpay can accept screenshots of bank statements for proof.

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