Sometimes you may want to create additional schedule pages, especially if you have sets of events with different audiences - e.g. a one-off conference versus your regular drop-in classes. Each of the schedule pages will have its independent public URL.

Additional schedule pages are only available on Standard (and above) plans. You need to be an account owner to be able to add a new schedule page to your account.

This article covers:

Adding an additional schedule page

Here's how you set up an additional schedule:

  • Select Settings, then Schedule pages.

  • Select Add a new schedule page.

  • You now have a new schedule page! You'll see that by hovering over the Schedules or Public Pages buttons at the top of your screen, you can select which of your schedules to view.

If you ever want to edit the public URL of any of your schedules, select View public page, then select Page Setup, then Change your page URL option here:

Changing a schedule page title

  • Choose Settings, then select Schedule pages.

  • Then select Edit title on the relevant schedule page to amend the title as it will appear to you on your admin pages.

✨ Please see here if you'd like to know how to duplicate an existing schedule page.

✨ If you have any questions, please get in touch with the support team via live chat or email at

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