Images are inserted by linking to a public image link. This means it already has to exist somewhere on the internet. You can host your image in your attachments section of Bookwhen - 

Next, copy the image link address. This is not the URL of the image when you click on it, but instead right click on the image link in your attachments section and copy the link address like this:



Next, insert the copied link into the bracketed area of these lines of text.

The syntax is: 


! [image name] (


Please make sure you remove the spaces from the example above.

It will look like this once you have pasted the whole section into your event description:

And this is the end result on the public page:

You will need to ensure the image is already uploaded in the right sizing to your attachments, as you can't resize it later.

Watch the how-to video

More details

An excellent guide (written by Github) can be found here: Mastering Markdown
And the full syntax can be found here: Markdown Syntax

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