It's easy to delete a customer in Bookwhen, but be careful, as this cannot be undone! 

Here's how you can delete a customer:

  1. Locate them in your customer list

  2. Click on the 'Details' tab on the left

  3. In the 'Customer actions' panel on the right, click on 'Delete customer'

4. Before the deletion is actioned you will need to enter your password. 

5. Once you click 'Confirm' the customer will be completely deleted from your database. This means they cannot be recovered, and where they have booked the customers' details will have been removed, leaving the booking blank like this:

Note: The customer will only be deleted from that Bookwhen account, where the deletion has taken place. If you have multiple Bookwhen accounts, they will not have been deleted from the others. This also goes for any other Bookwhen accounts they might have booked on in the past, that you don't own. If the customer wants to be deleted from the entire Bookwhen database, they must contact us directly. 

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