There may be scenarios where you need to alert your bookers to a change in circumstances, like a change in venue or temporary postponement, for example. 

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How to find the Alert message box

Firstly head over to your public page. Then select Page setup in the top right corner. Then scroll down to below your banner image, where you will find a box labelled Alert message:

You will see the text displayed as below on your public page:

How to format your text

  • To start a new paragraph - leave a blank line.

  • To add a line break within a paragraph - leave two blank spaces at the end of the line.

Font size

# Heading 1 - Biggest
## Heading 2 - Medium
### Heading 3 - Small


Add one underscore or one asterisk before and after the target word or sentence:

_word_ *word*


Add two underscores or two asterisks before and after the target word or sentence:

__word__ **word**

If you would like to use an asterisk or underscore etc., without it affecting the text, you can add a backslash before it, for example:

Bulleted or numbered list

- Bullet list item with a dash or asterisk
- Bullet list item two

1. Numbered list with a number and a point
2. Numbered list item two

Use this format to add a link:
 [Bookwhen] ( will be shown simply as Bookwhen


Read how to add images here.

Adding an error message within text fields

You can add some coding to your text field as an alert message. For example, the below code:

<h3 style="color: #BA0606; margin-bottom: .8em; padding: 10px; background-color: #F59D9D"> ⚠️ Please note this is only for those who have not practised at the studio before</h2>

When added into the Pass Further details section:

Appears on the public page as shown below:

More details

You can find an excellent guide (by Github) here: Mastering Markdown.
And the full syntax can be found here: Markdown Syntax.

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