Instagram is a great place to market your class or event. While Bookwhen doesn't currently offer a direct integration, we've put together a few tips on driving traffic from your Instagram page to your Bookwhen schedule.

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Adding your public page to your Instagram bio

The Instagram bio is the only place anyone can share a clickable link, including private personal accounts. Bear in mind that Instagram only allows one clickable link! This link will always sit at the top of your profile, is easily visible to the public, and is the most common method our customers use to market their Bookwhen page on Instagram.

Most people copy and paste their Bookwhen public page link into the website field in their Instagram account.

After entering it into the website field, it will appear on your Instagram profile.

The popular 3rd party app, Linktree, helps get around the “one link” rule on Instagram. It is handy if you have a few links like a blog post, your Bookwhen page, product page, etc. We recommend using Linktree as it allows bookers to click on a generated custom link and view up to 5 pre-selected links. You can brand the Linktree profile link with your Instagram handle, even on the free version.

For those with larger businesses, you can use a tool such as allows your bookers to visit your Bookwhen page or other business areas, such as your blog page, from a clickable feed. You could also check out Later to go that extra step, link Instagram posts and articles, and drive more traffic from your Instagram account to your Bookwhen page.

Call to action on images

When posting a photo, you may ask your followers to click your Bookwhen public page link. For example, Canva has asked its followers to click the link in their bio to enter a competition. In your case, clicking the link in your Instagram bio would take your customers straight to your Bookwhen page.

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