You can customise your entries in various ways, such as adding emojis, formatting text and adding images/videos.

This article covers:

Emojis and special characters 😄🧘🏽‍♂️🌱 - ☾❀♡

You can use emojis and special characters anywhere on Bookwhen that uses text.

They are a great way to make your page expressive, engaging, and eye-catching. Please see here to read more about their use or how to include them.

Formatting event text

Formatting text by size, italics or bold in your event description is an excellent way of highlighting details. To learn how to format text on Bookwhen, see here.

Add images to your entry

Adding images to your entries is a lovely way of including engaging content. To learn how to add images, see here.

Add videos to your event description

Embedding video content into your entries is an excellent way of introducing new customers to your events. This could be a personal teacher introduction, a sample of what to expect, etc. To learn how to add videos to your entries, see here.

💡 To learn about customising your public page, see here.

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