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Using Google Analytics Goals to understand your customers better
Using Google Analytics Goals to understand your customers better

Find out how to use Google Analytics Goals to help you understand where your customers are hearing about your events.

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Learn how to use Google Analytics to identify the source of your bookings, gaining basic insights into your marketing effectiveness.

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Goals in Google Analytics track user interactions like form submissions or button clicks.

By defining a goal, such as reaching your booking confirmation page, you inform Google Analytics to record it as a conversion.

Follow these steps to set up this goal:

Step #1

  • Select the Admin cog in the bottom left

  • Select Goals under the View header:

  • Select + NEW GOAL:

Step #2Β 

Goal Setup:

  • Leave Template selected

  • Select Place an Order under Revenue

Goal Description:

  • Name your Goal, e.g. 'Booking completed'

  • Leave the Goal Slot ID as whatever it suggests

  • Under Type, select Destination and continue

​Goal Details:

  • In the Destination drop-down, select Regular expressions. This gives the flexibility of the destination, as each booking confirmation page will have a slightly different URL

  • In the field, enter/summary - Google Analytics will look for that within any URL on your Bookwhen public page. It will only ever occur when a customer completes a booking.

  • Temporarily leave Value and Funnel off; this is something you can come back and experiment with later if you wish.

You can now try to verify the goal.

  • If you've been tracking visitors in GA successfully, it will provide insights into expected goal conversions based on existing data.

  • If you're new to GA, this step may not show an accurate number, so you can choose to Save.


Depending on your Bookwhen page traffic, it may take a few days for your goal to record conversions. Once active, check your basic reports.

To identify the sources of converted customers, navigate to 'Acquisition' -> 'Source/Medium.'

You can view your conversions for the Goal you have set up on the right (it will differ from our test data below):

In the above example, here's what you can find out:

  • For Direct/None, of the 16 visitors, 0 have hit the goal of the booking confirmation screen.Β 

  • For the direct website referral (blurred out here, but this could be your website, for example), of the 10 visitors, 1 'converted' by completing a booking, which is 8.33%

πŸ‘‰ The same goes for Google/organic.

In total, of all sources combined, 3.28% of all visitors completed the goal of making a booking.

πŸ’‘ Important note:

Due to cookies not always working in iframes and our requirement for cookies to insert Google Analytics code for tracking conversions, using Google Analytics in iframes may prompt multiple requests to users, causing dissatisfaction.

  • As a result, Google Analytics isn't included in iframes, and conversions won't be tracked.

πŸ’¬ Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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