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Error messages

Learn about different error messages and what they mean

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You may come across different error messages and wonder what they mean. This article covers each type of error message, what they mean, and what you can do.

Error messages:

This booking requires a minimum of x attendees


This error message will appear when you (or your customer) haven't added all attendee information:

💡 Fix

Select the Add another attendee button at the bottom of each attendee section until all attendee fields have been populated.

Account subscription failure message


This error message appears in the top right-hand corner of your admin page when there has been an error in making your subscription payment.

💡 Fix

Select the update your card details link to update your billing information. If you continue to experience an issue after updating your details or have any other questions, reach out to the support team via live chat or email.

Parts of your entry aren't valid. Please check and try again


There are two types of error messages that can occur when creating a new entry:

1. "Please enter a valid ticket cost":

  • This means that you haven't entered a cost for your ticket.

2. "A course must have more than one event":

  • This means that you have only entered one date in your entry. Course tickets pull together all dates on your entry and must contain more than one date.

💡 Fix

1. Select the Tickets & Costs tab to enter a value under Ticket cost.

2. Select the Dates & Times tab to add more dates.

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