Facebook is a powerful platform for driving potential business to your public page or event. You can link from your Facebook business page directly to your Bookwhen public page to make it easy for your customers to find and book your event/s.

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Where to add your public page link

Firstly, you'll need to set up a page for your business on Facebook. If you already have a personal page, you can select the Pages link and then Create page on Facebook.

Once logged into your Facebook business page, please select the blue button + Add a Button on the right-hand side. You will see a list of options from there, as shown in the screenshot below. Select Contact Us or Shop Now, and you'll be able to pop in your public page link.

Please be aware that the system can show only one of these options at any one time on your Facebook page. We feel selecting Shop Now is more likely to direct visitors to your public page as the verbiage reflects purchasing a ticket. However, it's ultimately down to you.

You can also direct your bookers to a single event by adding the event URL rather than the public page link.

Shop Now option

If you choose Shop Now, your Facebook page will look like this:

Contact Us option

If you decide to select Contact Us, your page will show this.

When a customer selects the blue Contact Us button, Facebook redirects them to your public page or a single event, whichever you have chosen.

About section

You may also feel it'd be appropriate to add your link to the About section of your Facebook. Adding a link to this section is a great marketing tool for your events because the link shows permanently on your page.

Customers can select it, and the link will redirect them to your public page.

Advertising your public page link within a post

Some of our customers create posts on their Facebook wall to help promote their business or event. Below is an example of a post where the yoga studio markets a discount code for bookers to join a class.

The customer has embedded the public page link in the post so bookers can easily find an event to book:

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