Bookwhen sends some automatic emails to your bookers (which you can read about here), and each time a booker replies to one of these emails, the admin receives the reply.

By default, the primary Account Owner receives the email address (usually the email address that signed up for the account). If you want to set a different admin as the 'reply-to' email address, you can do so in Account Details

You can view the current 'Reply-to' email address on the list of team members:

To change the 'reply-to' email address, select the pencil and paper 📝 icon next to the team member:

Then select the Set as 'Reply-to' email address for all system emails sent from this business checkbox:

The selected admin will receive all future responses to their registered email address.

💡 To note:

  • Bookwhen requires this setting for at least one Account owner. You cannot remove this setting entirely.

For more information on team management, see here.

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