By default on Bookwhen, all dates/times listed on a published entry are public, and all tickets are available to book right up until and during an event. However, settings are available to set customised restrictions.

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Restrict when tickets are available for booking

You can restrict when a ticket becomes available for booking and when it closes for each separate date/time listed on the entry. This tool is handy for early bird tickets and ensures a cut-off time to prevent last-minute bookings before an event starts.

To set this up, first head over to your Schedule page, select the entry on the page, choose Edit entry, and then Tickets & Costs. Then tick the checkbox labelled Restrict when this ticket will be available in the Tickets settings:

You must apply these settings to each ticket individually on the entry if you have multiple tickets.

💡 Please note: If you intend the Relative to start option to match the event start time, the days field needs to contain the number zero for the blank time field to be applied.

The ticket would become unavailable once the event starts with the settings as in the example above.

Set when your events are revealed on your public page

You may want to only reveal reoccurring events for a limited amount of time in advance. To set this up, firstly head over to your Schedule page, select the entry on the page, then Edit entry, then Dates & Times.

Scroll down right down to the bottom of the Dates & Times section, then tick the checkbox labelled Hide events in future?

In this section, you can then enter the number of minutes, hours, days, weeks or months that you would like your events to appear on your page in advance automatically.

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