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What is a leader?

'Leader' is the term we use at Bookwhen to describe the person running the class, course or event. This feature allows you to restrict access for leader-only team members, so they can only access the attendance registers for the entries or events they are assigned to. It also allows your leaders to create public profiles so the booker can find out more about the person running the event. You can find out more about these features below.

How to assign a leader to an entry

There are three ways to determine who will be the leader for an entry. If the leader is not part of your team on Bookwhen yet, you can read how to invite them to the account here.

1 - Assigning a leader to an entry

In your entry settings, under the 'Information' tab, you will find a field for 'Leader':

When you click into the field you will be given a list of team members to choose from. This list includes anyone who you've invited as a team member on your team page and you can select as many people as you like as the leaders. Remember to click Save once you've made your selections! Once you have assigned a leader to an entry, they will be the leader for all dates in the entry, including past dates and new dates added later. Read on below if you'd like to make exceptions.

2 - Assigning a leader to a specific date in your entry

If you'd like a team member to only be assigned to a certain date within an entry, click on the specific date in your schedule, and then use the drop-down arrow next to Edit entry to select Event specific information:

A window will open in which you can scroll to the bottom to find the option named 'Override event leaders?'

If you check this box, you can remove or add new leaders for this date only. Any other dates in the entry will not be affected.

3 - Editing the entries in the team member's account settings

Please note this option is restricted to account owners only.

You can add the entries a certain team member is a leader on via their team member settings. To do so, navigate to the team page and locate the person in question. You can then use the 'edit icon' to open their settings:

Here, you can then select all the entries you wish this team member to be a leader on:

Filtering by leader

There are various places in the system where you can filter by the leader.

1 - You can filter your entries on the schedule tab by a leader here:

2 - You can filter your bookings by leader on the bookings tab here:

3 - You can create filtered links and filter buttons for your leaders too.

Leader-only access

You have the option for certain team members to only be given 'leader' access via the account invite you to send, or when editing them on the team page.

Leader-only access means this team member can only access their own profile settings, and the attendance register for the events they have been tagged into as a leader.

In the below example, this person has only been granted leader level access and has been assigned as a leader to the entry named 'Cacti & Succulents'

This means that this person has read-only access to the event information and attendance register, and can only edit their own profile, as shown below:

The leader will only have access to the attendance register in the current saved format, which account owners can edit as outlined here.

Public profiles

If a leader has completed their public profile and chosen to publish this, it will appear on entries they are tagged in to (see example below), for bookers to see and find more about the person running the event. More info on how to set up a public profile here.

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