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Public leader profiles

How to promote your event leaders with a public profile

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✨ Please note: Leaders are available on the Lite plan or above.

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What is a leader profile?

Any team member on your account can create a public profile to showcase their events.

Below is an example of a public profile page:

The left section shows the person's profile leading the event, and the right is a scheduled list of the events assigned to them as a leader.

Setting up a leader profile

To set up a leader profile, select Account, then Team from the left-hand menu:

From here, select the pencil and paper πŸ“ icon to the right of the profile you'd like to edit.

You can choose what information you would like to include. You can set a profile picture, add a name, job title, add any information in the About me section, and any social media links:

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Making the profile visible publicly to customers

Every profile has a unique URL. If you publish the profile, the URL will work; otherwise, we will redirect anyone selecting it to your public schedule page.

To publish your profile, select the toggle in the top right-hand corner of your profile so that it shows green:

Customers can view who runs an event if the profile is published and the leader is tagged to the entry or event.

The leader's name appears as a clickable link on the event like this:

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