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Which plan?

Learn about the features included in each plan to help you decide which one is best for you

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In this article, you will learn about the key features available on each plan and an in-depth explanation of the features to help you decide which one is best for you.

This article covers:

Overview of features

Attendance tracking

Attendance tracking allows you to record attendance directly on Bookwhen using the attendee list. You can 'live-mark' attendance status (i.e., 'attended' or 'didn't attend') and reference the list whenever you require it for future reference.

Booking page

The booking page refers to the page that your customers visit to view and book your events. Each page has its own unique URL, and you can list multiple events on the same page.


The discounts feature allows you to create discount options, i.e. a promotional code or a bulk-booking rule.

Online events

The online events feature means you can manually add your online joining details and take bookings for your online events, regardless of which online conferencing tool you use.

Online support

Online support means you will receive live chat support with the Bookwhen team Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm UK time. Alternatively, you can email the team at

Passes allow your customers to purchase a 'block' of classes at once for a set price, which they can redeem against future ticket bookings.


Payments allow you to charge for your events and accept payment online or offline (such as cash, bank transfer, etc.). We (Bookwhen) do not charge a fee for taking payment; however, the online providers do.

Reminder emails

We (Bookwhen) automatically send a reminder email to your customers at your preferred time before the event.

Spaces booked

Spaces booked are based on the number of attendances per booking. For example, if a customer books 10 attendees on one booking, it will count for 10 booking spaces towards your monthly allowance.

Team members

There are four team member roles: Account owner, Schedule manager, Bookings admin and Leader. Each team member has a different access level.

Ticket transfers

The ability to transfer tickets for reasons such as a customer's inability to attend or their desire to attend on another date.

Unlimited locations/classes

You can create as many classes/events as necessary and add unlimited locations (physical or online).

Vimeo Integration

You can use the Vimeo integration to host your pre-recorded videos so that your customers can only access them after completing a booking.

The waiting list allows prospective attendees to enter their name, email and phone number (optional) to be notified if a space becomes available at a fully booked event.

Website integration (iframe or API)

The website integration gives you the option to integrate your Bookwhen schedule page into your website using the iframe or API feature options.

YouTube Integration

You can use the YouTube integration to host your pre-recorded and live YouTube videos, which your customers can view only after completing a booking.

Zoom Integration

The ability to integrate Zoom with your account. We generate an automatic Zoom link for any bookings on an event set up with Zoom.

The Lite plan

The smallest paid plan - this plan is a great starting point for small businesses that expect to take 300 or fewer bookings per month.

Other key features available on the Lite plan:

The Standard plan

This is an excellent plan for small to medium-sized businesses that are ready to create a variety of offers for their customers, have access to all of Bookwhen's features and expect to take 800 or fewer bookings per month.

With the same features as the Lite plan, the Standard plan also offers additional features such as:

Other features include:

The Plus plan

This plan is great for larger businesses with a more demanding schedule expecting to take 1800 or fewer monthly bookings.

This plan also offers:

The Gold plan

A premium plan for large businesses that expect to take 4000 bookings or less per month and can be customised to suit your business needs. The baseline offering of the Gold plan offers:

The Free plan

We offer a free plan for anyone who would prefer not to join a paid subscription and want to advertise small, free events with up to 50 booking spaces per month.

The free plan package gives you access to:

⚠️ There are a few features unavailable on the free plan. These include:

Upgrading/downgrading plan types

Our plans are flexible, so you can upgrade and downgrade plan types whenever necessary. Your payments are also pro-rated, meaning you'll only pay for what you've used if you decide to upgrade or downgrade your plan type.

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