Please note: This feature is available only to HQ accounts on a Linked Accounts structure.

This feature helps you save and reduce admin time when creating and connecting new sub-accounts to your HQ.

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What is a co-brand sign-up page?

If you are on a Linked Accounts structure (Connected or Franchise), you can streamline the process to link new sub-accounts to your HQ account. This feature allows you to have a unique sign-up page that automatically connects the sub-account without asking the Bookwhen team to do this manually when used.

You can personalise this page by:

  • Including your *business logo in the header

  • Having a custom message *welcome header

  • Having a custom *welcome message

  • Having up to 3 bullet-pointed values/benefits

*These are mandatory elements if you want to have a co-branded page.

How to create a co-brand sign-up page

To get this feature enabled, you will need to use the following steps:

  1. Contact the support team to put in a development task to enable this feature.

  2. Provide Bookwhen with your business logo in a .PNG, .JPG, or .SVG file.

  3. Provide Bookwhen with the copy you would like to use for the welcome header, welcome message, and bullet point values/benefits. See below for best practice recommendations.

  4. Bookwhen will create this page for you using the information you provided and advise when this is complete.

  5. You can then share your unique sign-up page URL when you have a new sub-account to sign-up.

Making changes to the messaging on your co-brand page

If you want to update any of the customisable elements. Please contact support and advise/attach the elements you wish to change.

Best practice recommendations

We have included some best practice recommendations to ensure you get the best experience using this feature.

  • *Business logo: Please ensure this is in a .png, .jpg, or .svg file format. We would recommend that you send us the smallest size possible as this will be rendered to 110px (width) X 35px (height)

  • *Welcome header: Please make this no longer than 75 characters (including spaces) long

  • *Welcome message: Please make this no longer than 180 characters (including spaces) long

  • Bullet point callouts: You can have up to 3 callouts if you want to use these. Please make sure that each of these is no longer than 90 characters (including spaces) long

*These are mandatory elements if you want to have a co-branded page.

Common Co-brand page FAQ

Need to troubleshoot? Check out the common co-brand FAQ page to see if your query has already been asked.

✨ If you have any questions, please get in touch with the support team via live chat or email at

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