The purchased pass report is a great way to find the email addresses of pass holders with passes that have either expired or been fully used. To do this, head to the Passes section of your account and select Download purchased passes report:

Once selected, keep the tickbox clear next to Exclude fully used passes? to ensure the report includes all of your purchased pass information:

Once you select Download, you will export the report as a .csv file into your chosen spreadsheet software (such as Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets).

Within the report, you will see various columns such as Pass name, Booking URL, Name, Email, Used amount (the number of redemptions made), Total amount (the amount of uses the pass allows) and Expiry date. You'll need to conduct additional filtering to ensure the report only contains the information you'd like to refer to. Once you've done this, you can extract the email addresses from the spreadsheet and email them through your email host (such as Outlook or Gmail).

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