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Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Learn about the online payment requirement using multi-factor authentication and how your customer's payment process has changed

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✨ Please note: Payments are available on the Lite plan or above.

If you accept online payments (through Stripe, PayPal, or WorldPay), it's advisable to understand Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and the changes it brings to your customer's payment process.

SCA enhances payment security and minimizes the risk of fraud for your customers. The second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) mandates the implementation of SCA for online payments in the European Economic Area, including the UK (from September 14, 2019).

💡 You don't have to modify your account to comply with SCA; we've ensured that the necessary steps have been taken care of.

This article covers:

Multi-Factor Identification

SCA requires online payments to involve multi-factor authentication. This means users can proceed only after providing two or more pieces of evidence confirming their identity.

This must be 2 of the following:

  1. Something your customer knows (e.g. a PIN)

  2. Something your customer has (e.g. a phone)

  3. Something your customer is (e.g. a fingerprint)

Your customer might need to take an extra step to fulfil the mentioned conditions. This could involve entering a PIN they've set before, receiving a code via SMS on their phone, or another similar action.


Your payment provider might permit an online payment without SCA for two reasons:

  1. The transaction is deemed 'low risk,' meaning the card provider's overall fraud rate is below an acceptable threshold.

  2. The payment amount is small, i.e., less than €30 (about £25). However, this exemption can only be used five times for payment before the customer needs to renew with another multi-factor authentication.

How this affects payments for your customers

We recommend you read our detailed article, which outlines how the SCA updates may have affected payments for your customers.

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