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Using multiple discounts

An explanation of what happens when a customer applies multiple discounts during the same booking

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✨ Please note: Discount sets are available on the Lite plan or above.

If you offer multiple discount codes or bulk booking discounts, the following will happen if a customer tries to use more than one at checkout.

This article covers:

Multiple bulk booking discounts

If more than one bulk booking discount is valid for a transaction, the system will automatically apply the 'better' deal to the basket and not all deals.

Multiple discount codes

If a customer has two different valid discount codes and tries to apply both at checkout, the system will automatically decide which discount code gives the customer a better deal and apply only that code. It's not possible to use multiple discount codes.

For example:

Discount code + Bulk booking discount

As in the example above, if a bulk booking discount automatically applies to the basket and the customer adds in a discount code, the system will automatically detect the better deal and only apply that. A customer can't use a bulk booking discount and a discount code simultaneously.

Discounts and Passes

Discount codes take priority over pass redemptions, meaning if your customer with an active pass adds a ticket to their basket, the system will deduct the the discount amount and will not take a use from their pass.

  • This also applies to customers who add a pass at the same time as their ticket and discount code. Learn more here.

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