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Importing Stripe members
Importing Stripe members

Learn how to import your existing Stripe members to Bookwhen

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✨ Please note: Memberships are available on the Standard plan or above.

If you have existing memberships or subscriptions in Stripe from other booking systems, you can use the import feature to bring that information into Bookwhen for a smoother transition.

This article covers:


You'll need to ensure that you:

  • Connect your account to Stripe

  • Have Memberships enabled and

  • Have a product (membership) already set up from within Stripe.

How to import the membership

Select Memberships from the left-hand menu:

There are two different views of the Import feature.

  1. The view you see when no other memberships have been created on your account:

  2. The view you see what you have existing memberships on your account:

Select the Import button on either view, and a window with a drop-down menu will pop open.

From here, you can select the product you'd like to import from Stripe:

Once you've found your Stripe product, select the Import button.

  • It may take a few minutes to pull all of the information from Stripe, depending on how many members and the size of your product.

Once completed, the membership will show on your account, ready for you to edit and build on.


Here is an example of how the imported membership appears. There are two sections; Prices and Memberships:

  • The Prices section lists all the prices associated with your Stripe product, for example, "Β£25 per month".

  • The Memberships section lists all existing members (names and email addresses).

What information does the import include?

  • Pricing included in the Stripe product (i.e. monthly or annual cost, multiple prices and recurring period)

  • All existing customers/members associated with the Stripe product, creating customer profiles for those without existing ones on Bookwhen.

Checklist for next steps

Once you've imported the membership, you'll need to create your membership offer and exclusive tickets that your members can access.

  1. Set up your membership offer in Bookwhen by selecting the Group hyperlink to open the Customer group:

    πŸ‘‰ This is where your offers sit.

  2. To create an offer, select Add offer in the top right-hand corner, then Create:

  3. Then you can set up your exclusive tickets.

    • An exclusive ticket is part of your membership 'offer'. Once a customer signs up as a member, the system automatically assigns them to a specific customer group.

πŸ’‘ Important notes

  • Make sure to separately add the details of the offer and exclusive tickets that go with the membership, as the import feature won't do this for you.

  • You can add new members to the customer group manually.

  • After manually creating a customer group in Bookwhen, you can later add a price within Stripe retrospectively. This is particularly useful after importing, as the import links your accounts.

  • Import connects the products and prices and keeps the membership list up to date (i.e. pulls through the existing members and any new members added).

  • Correspondence/communication is made from us once connected.

πŸ’‘ Pausing or cancelling a membership on Stripe doesn't translate through to Bookwhen. Please ensure you cancel any memberships from within Bookwhen.

πŸ’¬ Any questions or feedback? There are two ways to get in touch:

Thank you! πŸ•Ί

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