Bookwhen offers integration with Worldpay's Online Gateway product. If you're a non-Worldpay Online customer (e.g. Worldpay Business or Worldpay Corporate), you'll be applying to Worldpay Online as a new customer. 

As a Bookwhen customer, we're able to offer you exclusive low rates and conditions for Worldpay Online:

20p + 1.4% per transaction

This rate applies to UK and International cards, but Corporate cards are charged at 20p + 2.9%. There's a monthly minimum fee of £5 - if you don't meet this fee, you are charged the difference. 

You must sign up to Worldpay using this link to get these very competitive rates.

Supported countries: UK & Ireland

Transaction fees: no sign-up fees, no monthly fees, Pay as you Go.

Account activation time: Approximately 24 hours.

Want to get started? Please see our help article here.

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