Duplicating an old or existing entry can save you a lot of time from re-entering the same details.

When you create a copy of an entry, everything is copied across, including the dates, ticket settings and booking form and any embedded videos. However, this entry is completely separate so it can be edited independently from the original. Any changes to your new copied entry, will not affect your original entry.

How to duplicate an entry:

  • Firstly, head over to your Schedule page to locate the entry you're wanting to copy.

If you're duplicating an entry from the past, use the date filter in the top left of your page to locate it here:

  • Secondly, select the entry so that it is highlighted, then select the down arrow next to Edit entry and select Duplicate this entry from the drop-down menu:

  • You will then have created a copy of the original entry. With Copy of: added to the title, so that you can locate it. You can change the tile of the entry via Edit Entry.

  • To change the dates and times on your new copied entry, please note the original entry date and times will have copied across. Which could cause confusion with course tickets, and make it harder to track bookings. We recommend deleting the old dates. Select Edit Entry then Dates and Times and then use the date filter to locate the previous dates:

  • Once selected, you can then select Edit the recurring schedule as a whole to amend the recurrence to start from your new Start date, or to remove this original recurrence entirely via Remove highlighted dates/times. You can then select Add another date/time to add a new recurrence into your new copied entry if needed:

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