Your Bookwhen events and schedule can easily be adapted for online/virtual events. We've provided recommendations below on best practices and we're currently working on some key features to make online events even easier to schedule!

Choose your video conferencing software

There are a range of options available, here are four of the most popular:

  • Google Hangouts - Free, up to 10 people, unlimited duration, no installation required.
  • Zoom - Free plan allows up to 100 people, 40 minutes duration, installation required. Paid plans for longer durations start from £11.99.
  • Jitsi - Free, no paid plans, no installation required. 
  • Skype - Free up to 50 people, requires download, all participants must have your username and dial in.

Your Entry setup

Online events can be set up in a similar way to regular events, apart from three key areas:

Event Information

  • Attendee instructions (screenshot below) - depending on the video conferencing software you decide to use, you'll want to provide some basic information on the equipment and software your attendees will need to join.
  • Post booking information - this is only revealed to your attendees after they've successfully completed a booking, so it's a good place to include some detail about joining the class.
  • Event specific information - this is where you want to add in the private link for joining the class (e.g. Zoom meeting link). Click here to find out more.


We recommend creating a location without a Map and giving it a relevant name like "Online" or "Zoom - Joining instructions sent after booking".

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