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Please note: Reminder emails are available on the Standard plan or above.

What are reminder emails?

Reminder emails are a great tool to help your bookers attend your events and classes on time and reduce drop-outs. They are sent out automatically by Bookwhen at your preferred time before the event.

💡 To note: Reminder emails are only included in the Standard Plan and above. Bookwhen doesn't currently offer reminders via text.

Reminder email settings

Physical location

Your reminder email settings can be found under Settings, then Booking preferences:

Scroll down the page to the Reminders section and select Edit to bring up your options:

Your first option is to have one setting for both physical and online events (all event types):

The system only sends event reminder emails once, so you must decide when you want that email to go out to the booker. We recommend doing this one day in advance or on the same day as the event.

Online events

If you'd like the settings to be different for online events, you can tick the Same day reminders for online events? checkbox.

This setting is for online events not in a physical location but via a video tool such as Zoom. You can set the reminder to go out within a relative timeframe of the start of your classes, like 60 minutes in advance, for example.

💡 To note:

  • Reminder emails are sent for unpublished events and entries

  • Reminder emails are not sent for cancelled or deleted events or entries

  • Reminder emails are not sent for unpublished schedule pages

  • If you don't set the fixed time of day to be earlier than the class time that day, the booker won't receive the reminder email.

How reminder emails look

Below is an example of an event reminder email for an online event. It includes a button for both the private event page (with your online joining details) and the booking.

We also include the direct link to the event for online bookings if you've provided it (this is automatic for Zoom integration users).

The Additional information section is the same as your booking confirmation message field, set in your entry settings.

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