Bookwhen doesn't have a bulk upload feature to transfer all your old class pass bookings, so you will need to set each client up manually. Please follow the steps below to get this setup.

This article covers:

  1. Setting up your entries and class passes

  2. Booking customers onto your class pass

  3. After booking your customer's class pass

Setting up your entries and class passes

Firstly, please make sure you have added all entries to your schedule so you can book your clients onto them. If you need help setting up your schedule, you can read our help article just here.

Once you have created your entries, you will need to set up your class passes to match the ones you have previously offered your clients. Please read our help article here on creating class passes.

Booking customers onto your class pass

Once you have set up your schedule, you're ready to start manually adding your customers! Head over to your public page and book them in as though you were them. If you want some step by step guidance on manually adding someone onto an event/class, please check out this help article.

If you select your public page where it says 'class passes' as per the screenshot below, you will see the option to purchase a class pass.

Please select the relevant class pass you want to purchase for your customer. The system will then show you this screen where you can choose a class/event you wish to use with the class pass.

Once you've selected a ticket and go through to checkout, you should see the selected class as 'free' due to the system redeeming it against one of the available passes on the class pass.

All that's left is to go through to checkout as admin and book in the customer. When prompted, put in the customer's email address as the booker and not you (so they receive the booking confirmation email and the system recognises it is them when they go to buy another ticket in the future and want to use their class pass). As you're admin, you can bypass payment, but this is ok as the customer would have previously paid you before you moved to Bookwhen. Just remember to add their details to the attendee section too!

After booking your customer's class pass

Once booked, you can then manage your customer's class pass. This is useful if they had taken a class before you moved to Bookwhen and the event is now over, but you still want to include that as a pass on their class pass. You can read about managing your customer's class passes here.

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