Bookwhen is slowly releasing Customer groups as a beta feature to early feature adopters on the Standard plan or above. This feature will enable you to create exclusive tickets for groups of bookers.

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What is a Customer group?

A customer group is a feature that enables a group of bookers to receive exclusive offers.

Currently, the only available offer type is access to Exclusive tickets; however, further offers, including percentage discounts and discounts on non-exclusive tickets, will be confirmed in 2022.

A group is created automatically by a membership you have made; this is then populated automatically by the subscribers to that membership. Or you can create a group manually without any associated membership and add bookers to the customer group individually.

Creating a Customer Group

Customer groups can be created and located via Customers, then Customer groups.

Bookers can be added manually to a customer group using their email address here:

Please note that for membership payments to be processed, you must create a membership first via Sales tools, then Memberships. This membership will need to be purchased by bookers directly to be automatically added to the customer group.

Adding a Customer Group Offer

To add an exclusive ticket to your group, under Offers, firstly select Add offer, then Create.

Once you've created your offer, you can select Edit offer to set your restrictions:

The first setting option is Offer enabled; meaning is this exclusive ticket offer active:

Under Restrictions, you can then confirm Restrict who can use the offer, either for Personal use only, meaning only the group member can book this exclusive ticket as an attendee.

Or you can select Allow additional attendees; you can then set how many additional attendees can be booked to allow the group member to book multiple exclusive tickets for each event:

Finally, you can confirm Restrict number of uses, where you can set how many exclusive tickets can be booked, in How many uses are allowed?, and whether this is a recurring Ongoing offer. If this is ongoing, you can also set How long is a usage period? Which will be the period where the offer resets. For example, ten exclusive tickets per month:

The Restrict number of uses checkbox would be left unchecked for a recurring unlimited group offer.

If you have created exclusive tickets already on your entries, you can set which exclusive tickets are included in this customer group offer in the final offer section. You can select either All exclusive tickets on that schedule page or Select individual tickets:

If you have not yet created your exclusive tickets, the ticket setting enables you to find this in your entry settings via Edit entry, then Tickets & Costs. Here you can select the checkbox titled Exclusive ticket; you can then confirm which customer group you would like to attach to this exclusive ticket:

If a booker doesn't have an account

If a customer doesn't yet have an account and you've manually assigned them to a customer group, they'll need to select Log in in the top right-hand corner of your public page, then select the Forgotten your password? link to create an account -

💡 To note: they must sign up with the same email address used when you assigned them to the group to be able to access the exclusive tickets.

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