The attendee list is a great way to view and manage who is attending your event. For help on live logging attendance, see here.

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Editing the Attendee list

To open the list, select the entry from your schedule, then Attendees:

You can select any booking form fields you have set up and include them on the Attendee list by selecting the pencil and paper 📝 icon in the right-hand corner of the table:

Once selected, a window pops up where you can choose which booking fields you'd like to include and in what order by choosing the 3-line icon to the left of the field and dragging it to the desired placement:

Select Save changes to ensure the table updates when you have finished editing.

💡 To note: Any edits made to the attendee list apply to all entries and schedule pages.

Sorting alphabetically

On the attendance register, you can sort full names alphabetically (by the first name) by selecting the down or up arrows on the Name column:

To sort by the last name alphabetically, select Options > Edit table columns, then deselect Name, and select in its place both system fields First name and Last name, as shown here, then select Save changes:

You will then be able to sort the register either by the first name or by the last name alphabetically:

You can also re-order the Booking column alphabetically.

Sorting by booking date & time

To sort the register by booking date and time, select Options > Edit table columns, select the system field Booking date and select Save changes. You can then toggle the Booking date column to reorder your register:

Exporting the Attendee list

To export the list as a CSV file (downloads a .csv spreadsheet file for use with Excel, Google sheets etc.), select the Options drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the page, then Export to CSV:

You can use the Options menu to access further options from the attendee list, including:

  • Print - Produce a PDF or hard copy of the Attendee List.

  • View public/secure event page - see the event on the public page (and complete manual bookings if necessary)

  • View bookings list - see the relevant bookings for the event via the 'bookings' tab.

  • View email list - view and copy a list of email addresses for attendees of the event if you need to contact them.

  • Resend confirmation emails - resend confirmation emails to attendees of the event.

  • Event specific information - view and edit private event-specific information, maximum event size, and location, assign videos to the event, and select options for ongoing access or overriding event leaders.

  • Unpublish this single event - unpublish this event from your schedule.

  • Cancel event - mark the event as cancelled on the public schedule (this will not notify attendees).

  • Change event date/time - Moves the event to a new date/time, including existing bookings (this will not notify attendees).

  • Edit table columns - see above.

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