After setting up your booking form, you may wish to make specific fields mandatory. Making a field mandatory means your bookers cannot skip it and must complete it to finalise their booking.

To do this, select your entry from your schedule, then Edit entry:

Once the entry has opened, select the Booking form tab, then Set mandatory fields:

You can then decide which fields are made mandatory by checking/unchecking the tickbox next to each form field:

Once selected, remember to select Update at the bottom and select Save in the top right-hand corner before exiting your screen to save your settings.

💡 To note:

  • You will need to manually make each field mandatory through each entry (this cannot be bulk performed through the Booking fields tab).

  • The setting will carry across all the dates/times within the entry.

  • Admins can skip mandatory fields when manually making a booking on behalf of bookers.

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