This article covers:

  • Why use discount codes?

  • Setting up discount codes

  • How bookers redeem discount codes

Why use discount codes?

Discount codes let you give your customers a fixed amount or a percentage off their total ticket cost at checkout. 

Usually they are used for promotions, like an introductory offer for new customers. Other uses for discount codes include using them as credits, using them as vouchers, or using them for referrals.

If you'd like to create a class pass, please visit this help article.

Setting up discount codes

You can create discount codes in Setup -> Discount options

Upcoming March 2021 view:

Now click on Discount sets and then Add a new discount set (green button top right).

Here is where you can input your desired setting for this discount. A discount set, is like a folder for a group of discounts, which can include discount codes as well as discount rules for bulk purchase discounts.

  1. Name the set. This is an internal reference name for you, to help you keep organised, this is not the discount code - those are set up under Codes. Choose something descriptive, especially if you have multiple discount codes. Example: '2019 Discounts'

  2. Discount type. If you're using Class Passes you can choose to make this code specifically redeemable against class pass purchases. Otherwise select ticket discount. You will need to create separate discount sets if you would like a discount to be redeemable against both tickets and class passes. 

  3. Restrict from date. Discounts will be able to be used against events that occur from the very beginning of this date (00:01 on 24th Jan 2019 in this example).

  4. Restrict until date. Discounts will be able to be used against events that occur up until the very end of this date (23:59 on 1st April 2019 in this example).

  5. Discount applies to. As well as a to and from date, discounts can be restricted by entry, ticket or tag. If you click Add usage restriction you'll see your options. Leaving it completely blank will simply mean the discounts can be applied to all events in your schedule page.

  6. Codes. If you click Add discount codes you'll see a sub-menu of settings. This is where you can specify your code, or list of codes. You can also set the expiry date, whether it can be used more than once per booker, and other settings. If you need to edit these settings, you need to delete (see bin icon) and re-create again.

  7. Rules. This section is strictly for block booking discounts. Please see our help article on block booking discounts here.

  8. Published? - You can toggle this to unpublish and republish the discount set any time. It will not delete the discount.

Discount use:

To use a discount code, the booker must enter the code on the 'selected items' page before starting the booking:

After clicking Apply the total cost will be automatically amended as per the settings of the discount code. 


  • Customers cannot use more than one discount code at a time at checkout. 

  • Discount codes cannot be split, so the whole value of the code must be used in the same transaction

  • Discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with a class pass, when redeeming against a ticket. It is possible to redeem a discount code against the cost of a class pass however.

Discount codes can also be used to offer referral discounts to your bookers, rewarding your customers for recommending your events and expanding your customer base. You can read about how to set this up in our help article here

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