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General browser troubleshooting
General browser troubleshooting

Potential steps to troubleshoot and fix technical issues within the browser.

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If you encounter issues while browsing the admin site or public page, for instance, some elements not loading or being unresponsive, the issue might be related to the browser you are currently using. This article includes steps and suggestions to resolve such issues and help ensure the overall functionality.

This article covers:

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Initial checklist

First, you may want to double-check if your internet connection is working in general.

If the page isn't loading altogether and you receive an error message when trying to view it, please check if there's a scheduled maintenance or temporary service degradation. You can find our incident updates page here and also can check via external tools such as this one.

Once you ensure you have a working internet connection, and the Bookwhen system is operational, the troubleshooting steps below should help to narrow down the root cause and, ideally, ensure you can view and navigate the page as intended.

Troubleshooting steps

While there's no set order, and the impact might also differ depending on the issue, the suggestions below might be helpful:

Reload and 'hard refresh'

The reload button can usually be found in the navigation section of each browser. The so-called 'hard refresh' will also clear the browser cache and force it to load the most recent version of that page.

πŸ’‘ You can learn how to perform a 'hard refresh' here.

Private/incognito mode

Private browsing creates a temporary session isolated from the browser's main session and user data, typically excluding cached files, cookies or browser add-ons/extensions, which might cause conflicts.

πŸ’‘ Learn how to enable private browsing here.

Different browser

While the core functionality is generally the same across different browsers, the overall look and feel, as well as specific features, can vary. Testing a different browser can help isolate an issue.

πŸ’‘ You can find more information and download links for common browsers here.

Browser update

With browser updates containing security updates, bug fixes, new features and more, it's always advisable to use the most recent software version, as this can also impact the overall functionality and how websites are displayed.

πŸ’‘ You can check your browser version here, and update instructions here.

Cache and cookies

When browsing the internet, websites typically save temporary files. While cookies are part of the browsing data containing user preferences, for instance, the cache saves certain page elements, such as images, to help increase loading speed and overall performance. In some cases, these may result in conflicts when viewing or interacting with a page.

πŸ’‘You can learn more about clearing cookies, cache, and browser history here.

Browser settings (JavaScript, cookies and 3rd-party cookies)

While you can disable JavaScript and cookies in the browser settings, websites usually require you to enable these to ensure they can display the website correctly and that any page elements work as intended.

πŸ’‘ You can check your browser settings regarding JavaScript and cookies from here, and find instructions on enabling cookies and Javascript.

Further investigation

While the suggested troubleshooting steps above should help resolve most website issues in the browser, there might be situations where further investigation is required. The following steps will create a general snapshot of the browser version and settings, which will be helpful for our technical team:

  • Paste the copied link into your conversation with our support team.

πŸ’‘ In case you are wondering how these details are captured and what information is included, you can learn more about this here.

✨ If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch with the support team via live chat or email.

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