Adding documents to your confirmation emails is useful for including important information ahead of your event.

The booking confirmation and event reminder emails include the attached documents as a link to the file.

This article covers:

How to attach a document

Firstly, ensure that you've uploaded your document to your Files library, as shown below:

Then select Upload files:

Then Select files to choose the file you want to upload. Once the file uploads successfully to your account, you can select Done.

Next, right-click the blue hyperlink below your newly uploaded file, and select Copy link:

With this link copied, navigate to your Schedule page, select the entry you would like to add this document to, and then Edit entry:

Select the Information tab and scroll down to the Booking confirmation message box. Paste your copied document link into this box, then select Save in the top right-hand corner.

Once completed, the document link will show in this entry's confirmation and reminder email.

💡 To note: You must have Account owner status on your account to add files to this library.

✨ You can learn more about managing your files on Bookwhen here.

Formatting the document link

You may wish to use Markdown to format the link and how it appears in the email. For example, to show the document title rather than the full link.

To do this, insert the text you want to appear in square brackets [ ] and the file link next to it in curved brackets ( ).

For example, it may look like the below:

It's essential to ensure that there is no space between the two sets of brackets when you're applying this to your entry - ](.

Adding images

You can add images to your booking confirmation email message. To do this, you'll first need to select the image you'd like to add and upload it in Files by selecting Upload files in the top right-hand corner:

💡 To note: Files can be uploaded in the following formats only: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, mp4, m4v, mov, txt, ics, doc, docx, pdf, ppsx, ppt, pptx, pub, rtf, xls, xlsx.

Then select Select files:

Once uploaded, select Done:

You can then start to build the code.

An example of the code you'll need to paste into the Booking confirmation email field is:

<img style="display: block; margin: auto" src="" border="0"></a>

This code consists of various elements, the most important one being the image code.

The first part of the code is:

<img style="display: block; margin: auto" src=

The second part is:


(the image code)

The third part is:


You'll need to replace the second part of the code with your specific image code. To get this, right-click the blue hyperlink under the image, then select Copy Link Address:

In this instance, it is ""

Once you've generated your unique link, you can paste it into the code. For example:

<img style="display: block; margin: auto" src="" border="0"></a>

You can then paste this into the Booking confirmation message field within your entry:

Once completed, select Save.

Your bookers will then see the image when they complete a booking:

And in their confirmation email:

✨ You can read more about formatting and markdown here.

✨ If you have any questions, please get in touch with the support team via live chat or email at

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