When scheduling events for children, you must carefully consider what data you will be collecting. A child's information merits special protection under the GDPR. Bookwhen's booking forms give you complete freedom to ask for any details, so it is your responsibility as the Data Controller to ensure that you ask only what is required.

Bookwhen uses the particular attendee email field on the booking form to uniquely identify a customer in the system. Children, however, should not have an email address. Therefore, we have included a setting in the Booking form settings to specify whether children may be attending:

These settings let the system know whether attendees might be a child or not and ask for clarification from the booker on the booking form:

The system doesn't request an email address for children; instead, the system will show the booking contact email on the admin pages.

If you'd like to change the Is this attendee a child? text, then you can do so on the Booking fields setup page by selecting Edit next to the field:

From here, you can change the Field label. Once completed, please remember to select Update field to save your changes:

💡 To note: The system will update your booker's data behind the scenes accordingly to separate child data from adult data.

Is it a child-only event?

You should tick this box if all the attendees taking spaces are children. If parents/guardians are accompanying children at the event but not taking up spaces at your event, this would still be a child-only event. 

✨ To read more about unique attendee emails, see here.

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