Completing a booking is covered in our help video for bookers, which you can see here. We also have other guidance for your bookers in our bookers help centre and you can read more about the articles that are included there, and how to share them in our help article.

Once you have created an event and directed your customers to your Public pages they will be able to purchase or reserve tickets for your event.

Your public page allows them to view the schedule you created when Setting up your first event. If you haven't done this yet, you're welcome to try making a booking on our demo page here.

Your customer will select the date they require (if more than one is available) from the schedule page. They will be presented with the ticket options you created when setting up the entry -

After selecting the ticket (or tickets) they require they can click on view selections to progress to checkout - please note that Bookwhen allows for the selection of multiple tickets, for multiple events in one transaction if required.

At the next screen, they will be able to enter a discount code (if you have created and shared any) to reduce the price of their selection. Once they are happy with their selection they can click on book now to proceed -

Your customer will be asked to provide a booker email address (one per booking). If the email is recognised they will be asked to create/enter a password to speed up future bookings. All details are saved for subsequent bookings, including friends' details. This means that subsequent checkouts just require an email address and password to complete  -

The information they are asked for next depends on how you have set up your booking form. By default, entries ask customers to provide attendee information for adult attendees (for child attendees see here), but this section could also include any questions you have added to your form. 

Next, your customer will be taken to a payment screen. Here, depending on your selection when creating the entry, your customer will see options for online or offline payments.

Once a payment has been taken, or offline payment terms are acknowledged, your customer will be given a booking reference -

You can track the booking reference down in the Bookings tab of your admin site should you wish to change their booking, or review their information.

After the booking is completed -

  1. A booking confirmation email is sent to the booker email provided by your customer.
  2. Your customer is invited to create a password, which would auto fill attendee fields when they return for future bookings.
  3. Your customer is shown the details of their booking and the additional information you entered when setting up the entry.
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