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This is useful for when you're looking to expand your team and need to give them access to your Bookwhen account.

Inviting a new team member

Any team members who are account owners will be able to invite new members to the team. To do so, simply head over to your Account dropdown and select Team, where you can invite a new team member:

When a team member has access to your account and you have assigned them a role, they will appear under your 'Team Management' section on the Team page clearly stating their name, email address, role, invite status, and level of schedule access.

If you'd like to cancel an invitation, you can do this from here too.

Assigning a team member a role

From your Teams page:

We recommend always going to your Teams page to make any changes to your team members and roles.

Once you have clicked 'Invite team member' you can enter their email address and choose their role on your Bookwhen account.

There are 4 roles you can give other team members:

  • Account owner - access to all account settings, schedules, and data.

  • Schedule manager - access to entry setup and booking data

  • Bookings admin - access to booking data only

  • Leader - access to the attendance register for their events only.

Each role will give different levels of access to the account and you can have multiple members for each role.

Account owners will always have access to your whole Bookwhen account and can make any changes including account-wide settings, schedules, entries, bookings, customer data, team management, and billing.

Schedule managers can be limited to have access to certain schedules only, and can then make changes to the entries within that schedule, as well as accessing the customer data for any bookings made on this schedule. They will not be able to make account-wide changes such as payment providers, reminders emails, team management, etc.

Booking admins can also be limited to have access to certain schedules only and can access any customer data for bookings made on this schedule. They will not be able to make account-wide setting changes such as team management or billing and are not able to create or edit entries.

Leaders will only have access to their profile settings as well as the attendance register and info for the specific entries or events they have been assigned to. They will not be able to access or edit any other part of the system. You can read more about Leaders here.

Please note that you can change these roles at any time.

From your schedule pages

As well as setting access levels from your Teams page, you can also do this from your schedule pages. As both are interlinked, any changes you do from either page will then reflect on the other.

To set a role just click 'set user role' in the schedule you want to update.

Making changes to an existing team member

You may want to amend a team member's details or role which can be done from the Teams page. Just click the small icon on the right-hand side next to their role and name.

This will open an edit page for this team member:

You can now perform the following actions:

Changing their name:

From the next page, you can edit their name but do bear in mind any changes to their name from here are for internal use only.

Set as 'Reply-to' email address:

You may want to set this team member's email address as the 'Reply-to' so all system-generated auto-emails from your business will be sent from their email address.

Changing their role:

Team members' roles and access levels can be amended by account owners any time.

Email Preferences:

You can also update their email preferences. Changes to their preferences can be made at any time.

Removing team members from your account:

If you decide to remove a team member, you can do this by clicking 'remove from this account' in the bottom right-hand corner.

Please note that team members will not be notified of any changes you make from this page.

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