When the booker starts a booking on your public page, their space on the event is temporarily reserved until they complete the booking or the checkout reservation period has passed. The reservation period prevents the space from becoming double-booked before the original booker has completed the transaction.

You can set the checkout reservation period from your booking options page. By default, Bookwhen sets it to 15 minutes. To adjust this, select the blue Edit button.

For example, if you set your checkout reservation period at '15 minutes,' the booker has 15 minutes to select the Book now button (highlighted below). If they don't complete the booking, the space will become available for others to book again.

If your event only has one space remaining and someone enters the checkout reservation period, it may appear to be 'sold out' on your schedule page, even though you can see one space remaining.

This will be resolved as soon as the booker completes the booking or the checkout reservation period passes. You may wish to navigate to your Bookings tab and search with the checkout filter enabled to view the booking in progress. 

If you are using the Waiting list feature, you may experience a similar situation as the system reserves the available space until all those on the Waiting list have been contacted. 

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