Password protecting your entry means bookers must enter this password to complete their booking. This feature is a handy tool to provide priority booking for loyal bookers.

We discuss priority access further here.

This article covers:

How to add a password

Firstly navigate to your Schedule page and select the entry you want to add a password to, then choose Edit entry.

Then in the entry settings, select More Options. You will find the Restrict booking access section and the Private booking password box here.

Enter your chosen password into the box and select Save in the top right-hand corner:

💡 To note:

  • Passwords are case-sensitive; ensure you share the same password with your bookers.

  • Be careful not to leave a blank space at the end of your password, as this would count towards the password and may cause confusion amongst your bookers.

  • The password will apply to all dates and times listed in the entry, and your bookers will be required to use it to complete their booking.

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