A referral scheme can be a fantastic way to encourage more people to attend your events. 

The referrer will receive a discount on a future ticket, the referred gets an opportunity to discover a new experience on the strength of a trusted recommendation, and you get to potentially double your recurring revenue by expanding the audience for your events.

It's simple to set up a referral discount on Bookwhen using booking form fields, the Customer List, and discount codes.

Set up a 'Referred by:' booking form field

1. Navigate to the Booking fields section of your setup menu and click to Add a new field type.

Upcoming March 2021 view:

2. Create a field which allows your new attendee to indicate which of your existing customers referred them to your event (this could be by entering their name or their email address). 

Field label - Something like - "If someone recommended this event to you please enter their name below" would work.

Field data type - 'Plain text - single line' will be sufficient to enter the referrers name, you may wish to make the field data type 'email address' if this is the information you want to collect. 

What does this information relate to? - Making this field a 'booking' field will mean that it is only asked for once per booking. 

Would you like to add the form field to all entries? - 'Add to all entries' creates the field on all existing entries (if you select this then you can skip to the next section, on the Customer List) or, if you wish to exclude some entries select 'do nothing' and move to step 3 -

3. If you only want add your referrer booking form field to specific entries select them from your Schedule page then click edit entry - booking form - select & reorder fields to select your new field before saving the entry -

Use Bookings exports and the Customer List to determine who has referred new attendees

1. After your bookers have had time to refer friends and family navigate to the Bookings tab and select the time period you are interested in (for instance, if you aim to issue referrer discounts every 2 weeks select the last 2 weeks), then export the bookings using the Options menu 

2. On the .csv export check the column that relates to our booking form field to see if any referrer names have been added by new attendees. 

3. If you find any names on your export navigate to your Customer List and use the search fields to find that customer 

Issue a discount code to the referrer

 1. If you only wish to offer 1 referrer discount per customer you may wish to keep an external list of those who have already received one to keep track. Once you are happy that your customer qualifies for a discount code you can go ahead and issue a code for the value that you have decided on.

2. You can read about how to set up a discount code here, this is done from your discount settings page. Our recommended settings are -

Code = something which identifies the customer and what the discount is for e.g. 'johnsmithreferrer'

Type of discount = however much you want the discount to be

Expiry = your choice, but we think an expiry of 1 month is generally reasonable

How many times can the code be used? = 1

Restrict to single use per booker email address? = yes

3. The next time your referrer books an event they will be able to use their discount code to receive a discount on the event.

This article is part of an ongoing series aiming to empower you to get the most out of your Bookwhen subscription. Do you think that referral discounts can bring more attendees to your events? Perhaps you have a unique use of Bookwhen of your own? We love hearing from our customers so get in touch and let us know!


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