You can watch a video about changing the date/time or duration of events on our YouTube channel.

You can change the date, start time, or duration of any event in your schedule by following the steps below. The process is slightly different for single events and courses. In both instances, when you make any changes:

  • Bookings will be automatically moved to the new date/time/duration.
  • Attendees won't be informed of the change, so it's important you update them.
  • However, event reminders will show the updated date/time/duration, as well as the 'View booking' link in a confirmation email, and if a customer logs into their Bookwhen account they'll also see the updated date/time/duration.

Single events

  1. Select the event you want to change in your Schedule
  2. Click the down arrow next to 'Edit entry' (screenshot below)
  3. Click 'Change event date/time' and select your new date/time/duration


Course dates with no single event tickets can be accessed via the Attendee sheet by clicking on the icon for the date/s you want to change (screenshot below).

Once on the Attendee Sheet, you can click 'Options' to select 'Change event date/time' from there.

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