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What is a PAR-Q?

If you're organising classes in the fitness category it is likely that you require your customers to complete a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) or health questionnaire before they attend their first class.

The purpose of this form is to determine if your customer can be reasonably safe starting an exercise program or increasing their current level of activity.

Asking health questions during booking

Your first option is to add your health-related questions to the booking form, so they attendee completes these within Bookwhen, during booking. You can read how to edit your booking form here.

Some notes on this:

  • These questions will be asked of the attendee every time they book. If they have created an account, their responses will be pre-filled with the information they entered the last time they booked. 

  • You will only be able to access these responses via Bookwhen, through your admin panel or by exporting a CSV.

  • Depending on how many questions you have to ask, and the format of these questions, the setup could be admin heavy and the booking form might be very long. You may wish to explore further options below.

Linking to your online PAR-Q

Instead of the previous option of making a customer fill in the questions on each booking, you could instead just have one question related to your PAR-Q in the booking form, for example:

The statement 'I confirm I have completed the health questionnaire' encompasses both new and existing customers, and lets you decide whether this field must be checked (mandatory) before a booking can be made. This acts as consent, and the green text provides a link to the questionnaire if they are yet to complete it.

There are various options of how to host the questionnaire, like Google Forms, Jotform or Surveymonkey. Once you've decided on your preferred tool you can create the questionnaire and then just add the link to the booking question like this:

The additional help text formatting is as follows:

Click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> to fill out our health questionnaire if you've not already done so

The line of code includes the following: - link to your survey

target="_blank" - ensures survey opens in a new tab (so booker doesn't lose their booking)

>here</a> - text of the hyperlink

Note: We recommend making an attendee related field, so if there are multiple people in one booking, you can get a confirmation for each one.

Attaching a PAR-Q to the booking form

The final option to consider is adding your health questionnaire as a document attachment to a booking form field, as outlined here.

Some notes on this:

  • The booker will be able to download the document, but can't fill it in as part of the booking

  • The completed form would then need to be manually returned to you directly via email for example. There is a risk that the customer must be chased to do so, or you loose track of who has or hasn't done it, or lose the file itself, as it's not stored anywhere online.


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