There are multiple reasons why a pass holder may reach out with an issue redeeming the uses on their pass.

When troubleshooting this, there are three primary checks you can complete:

  1. Check the pass validity for the booker and pass

  2. Check the email address attached to pass

  3. Check the event and ticket restrictions

Checking the pass validity for the booker

To check the validity of the pass for the booker, head to the Customers tab and search for the booker using the filtered search (either by name or email address):

Once loaded, select the blue hyperlink under their name to open their customer profile:

From here, select the Passes tab, where all of the booker's passes appear in a list form. You can view the expiry date and usage amount here:

✨ See here for more information on managing your booker's passes.

Checking the pass validity within the pass settings

To check the pass's validity, head to the Pass section of your account. From here, select Edit next to the relevant pass and check the restrictions of the pass.

For example:

  • Check the Timeframe for use to ensure there isn't a fixed date set that restricts them from redeeming the pass past that date.

  • Check the Usage restrictions, such as the usage allowance and whether the booker can use the pass for additional attendees.

Checking the email address attached to the pass

Pass uses are only redeemable using the email address used when purchasing the pass. Ensure and double-check that the booker logs in using the same email address they used when they bought the pass.

Checking the event and ticket restrictions

The pass will apply to any entry and ticket type if this section is left blank. Sometimes, you may have duplicated an entry but kept the name the same. As the system views the new entry separately from the original, you must ensure you've added all the entries to the restriction.

To check this, select Add usage restriction to see if there are any missed duplicate entries with the same name:

For example, below are two "🌻 Growing from seed - Sunflowers - *Great for kids!*" entries. To include both of these entries in your pass validity, ensure you add both of the entries to the restriction:

✨ If you have any questions or are unable to troubleshoot further after checking the above, please get in touch with the support team via live chat or email at

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