Customising your public booking page is a great way of engaging your customers and expressing your brand's identity.

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To get started, head to over to your Public page then select Page setup in the top right.

Page title

To add a title to your page, scroll down the settings to the Main page title and type your title into the box. Once saved, the page title will then be displayed in the top left of your public page, above the banner image/banner colour.

Alert message

Sometimes you may want to alert your bookers to a change in circumstances, or even about an exclusive offer. An alert can be included below the Main page title in your Page setup settings, to learn more click here. Below is an example of how an alert will appear:

General information

A description can also be added to your page in General information at the bottom of the Page setup options. You could include an overview of your business, your story, your team, reviews or awards etc. You can also leave this section blank if preferred. This description will then appear below your title, logo and header. It's good to consider not including too much information in your description so that your schedule is still visible to your clients near the top of your booking page.

This section of settings is also where you can insert filter buttons for your schedule, to learn how to create these click here.

To upload your logo image, select Page setup on your public page, then Set logo to upload the file, then Save changes:

The logo image is automatically placed in the top left of the page. On smaller screens, it might shrink to fit if it's too wide. The logo image will be displayed at a maximum 350px width and 350px height. For best results, upload an image that is 700px or over. Supported file types for Bookwhen are JPG, JPEG, GIF and PNG.

This example logo image (PNG file) has a transparent background so that the background image shows through. A handy free tool to create a logo is photopea.

To upload your banner image, select Page setup on your public page, then Set header background to upload the file, then Save changes:

The uploaded banner image will be automatically adjusted to fit the width of the browser. It's good to consider that using a banner image containing text or people can become skewed, depending on what device the public page is being viewed on. A plainer image can provide a cleaner look. For further guidance on selecting the right banner image for your page please see our help article.

The image shape should be rectangular so that not too much of your image is cut off the top or bottom when it's automatically adjusted. A good width is 1200px to a maximum width of 2600px. You can use this site to adjust your image size if needed. Supported file types for Bookwhen are JPG, JPEG, GIF and PNG. If your chosen image is a different file type to these you can easily convert it using a web app like this one.

Check out pexels and pixbay for loads of great looking, free-to-use images like this one:

Instead of an image, you can choose to have a single colour instead. To choose a colour select Page setup on your public page, then select Header background colour to choose a colour from the palette, then save changes:

If you want to use an exact colour, you can use a colour picker app - which are widely available to download for free and are often included in your computers software package.

In this example, Apple's Digital Colour Meter app has located the RGB values of the blue in the example banner photo. You can then use Google Colour picker to convert your RGB values into a HEX code, which is needed to input into the Page setup settings as shown below.

This navy (RGB) is R: 18, G: 50, B: 73 which converted to HEX - #123249

Banner colour:

Emojis & special characters 😄🧘🏽‍♂️🌱 - ☾❀♡

Emojis and special characters can be used anywhere on Bookwhen that uses text. They are a great way to make your page expressive, engaging and eye-catching. To read more about how they can be used and how to include them click here.

Company details & your refund policy

If you're accepting online payments through Bookwhen, then you need to provide your company details and refund policy. These details will then be displayed on your public page in the footer. Including links to your social media accounts and accepted payments cards.

To update your company details head over to Account, then select Account details and then Edit next to your company name.

You can add your refund policy by selecting Edit in your Payment settings. You can also read more about adding your details here.

Embedding your public page

If you're embedding your schedule into your own website, it's useful to know that the title, information, banner image/colour and logo will not be included. Only the schedule itself will be shown. To learn more about embedding your schedule click here.

Squarespace website example:

Click to learn how to customise your schedule entries by embedding videos and images.

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